Dragonicle Codes

X-Legend Entertainment is the Taiwan-based studio at the back of Dragonicle, a new MMORPG that is acknowledged as Master Topia in some regions. The western launch is the problem of identifying an alternate that looks to combine the phrases Dragon and Chronicle, a becoming combine given that you will tame dragons and take them along. X-Legend was once as soon as a prolific studio acknowledged for satisfactory MMOs such as the Aura Kingdom.

                                         Dragonicle Codes

  • 4388766P9GKA – Get this code (New)
  • AQXMBW3JXMGJ – Get this code (New)
  • 5AQCSRBAHCMM – Get this code (New)
  • R47R53Q3GQH8 – Get this code (New)
  • X864FMKRK48C – Get this code (New)
  • VIP888 – Get this code (New)
  • A5GDPH44938H – Get this code (New) > Expires April 23
  • JBKGH56DN4H6 – Get this code (New) > Expires December 31
  • 9sdjhd55 – Get this code (New)
  • gjvuuuaiix – Get this code
  • 9nnddxx – Get this code
  • gtxevic7xs – Get this code
  • 9kkbbvv – Get this code

The Dragonicle coupon codes do not appear to be case sensitive, so all you have to fear is in getting into the code precisely as it used to be distributed. Each account can solely redeem a code once, so even if you have quite a few characters, you cannot use it greater than once.

Dragonicle is a radically multiplayer online pretending game. The gamers want to check out the world and collect the shards. You can likewise get each one of the pets on the planet to flip into the real pet expert. Make a team of heroes crush the hazardous supervisors and later on dispose of the treasured fortunes and pinion wheels. Dragonicle is an extraordinarily fascinating game, you will definitely like it.

             The recuperation framework is various relying upon the game:

                                     To redeem codes in Dragonicle:

  • Open the recreation and go to X-Widget
  • Tap the Gift field icon and enter the codes

                                To redeem codes in Master Topia:

  • Unlock the perks menu: Reach stage 50
  • Tap Perks (to the proper area)
  • Tap on Gift Code
  • Enter your trade code and faucet Claim Pack


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