Dying Light Dockets Codes

If you haven’t redeemed a docket code so far, don’t fear as it has absolutely straightforward instruction. All you want to do is to create an account on Dying Light‘s Dockets web page and then hyperlink your Steam/PSN/Xbox account to it, and finally, redeem the code above. It will supply you with a new Valentine-themed cross-bow and some different special stuff in the game.

                           Dying Light Dockets Codes

  • Счастья! Здоровья!: Get this Docket Code to get x1 Gold Tier Docket
  • GRE31SVNBOHFUDQH: Get this Docket Code to get Last Hope Blueprint
  • HELL: Get this Docket Code to get x1 Gold Tier Docket

Techland nevertheless continues aiding the authentic sport with new content material each now and then. Although the recreation had a tough launch, the builders managed to enhance the average trip by rolling out more than one update and including extra new elements to the game. Now, over 5 years after its launch, Dying Light is the final first-person zombie-killing ride that each fan of the style needs to play.

                              How to Redeem Docket Codes

  • Go to the reputable site: DyingLightGame.com
  • Enter the docket code from the listing above.
  • Log in with your Techland Account.
  • Link your account with Steam, Xbox, or PSN account.
  • Please note: If you don’t hyperlink your recreation money owed no new content material will show up in-game.
  • Your docket will show up in-game in your inventory.
  • Talk to the Quartermaster to alternate it for your new items!

Docket Codes are like coupons for new weapons and items. In Dying Light’s most recent expansion, The Following, forty-two new dockets have been added. Use the codes from this listing on the Dying Light internet site to set off them and switch the dockets to your game. Then head to the quartermaster and trade the dockets for an excellent vibrant new weapon.


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