Hitman 3 Keypad Codes

Hitman three keypad codes are a new addition to the series, permitting you to manually enter 4 digit combos to open doors and free up safes. Sometimes you will discover these keypad codes written on shows or notes, whilst for others, you will want to overhear the proper dialog between loose-lipped NPCs or piece collectively some clues as you go about your Hitman three business.

                             Hitman 3 Keypad Codes

                            Hitman 3 Keypad Codes – Dubai Codes

  • 1st Dubai keypad door code – Staff Area Floor level 00 – 4706
  • 2nd Dubai keypad door code – Between Atrium & Staff Area Floor level 00 – 4706
  • 3rd Dubai keypad safe code – Security Room Floor 02 – 6927
  • 4th Dubai keypad safe code – Security Room Floor 03 – 6927
  • 5th Dubai keypad safe code – Penthouse guest bedroom – 7465


                         Hitman 3 Keypad Codes – Dartmoor Codes

  • 1st Dartmoor keypad safe code – Alexa Carlisle’s Office on 2nd floor – 1975


                        Hitman 3 Keypad Codes – Berlin Codes

  • 1st Berlin keypad safe code – Floor -02 Hirschmüller’s Office – 1989


                                     Chongqing – China Codes

  • 1st Chongqing keypad door code – Container keypad door code to the ICA Facility – 0118
  • 2nd Chongqing keypad door code – ICA Apartment Floor 02 – 0118
  • 3rd Chongqing keypad door code – Laundromat, Floor 01 – 0118
  • 4th Chongqing keypad door code – Staircase in the Benchmark Lab, F 04 – 2552
  • 5th Chongqing keypad door code – Therapy Room (balcony from Hush’s Lab) – 2552
  • 6th Chongqing keypad door code – Arcade on Floor 00 – 2552
  • 7th Chongqing Secret Hatch code – fenced area behind the Arcade – 2552


                            Hitman 3 Keypad Codes – Mendoza Codes

  • 1st Mendoza keypad door code – Laser System Floor Level 01 – 1945
  • 2nd Mendoza keypad safe code – Villa Basement – 2006


                                  Carpathian Mountains Codes

  • 1st Carpathian Mountains keypad door code – at the start – 1979


It’s properly well worth discovering these keypad combinations, as the doorways you open can supply get right of entry to beneficial new areas, whilst safes frequently include available objects or revealing intel. Whatever you are making an attempt to open, our set of Hitman three keypad codes will make certain that no lock can maintain your back.

The Hitman collection is all about exploring the world to get to your target, at some point of your trip you may have encountered blocked pathways or fascinating protection bins that are locked at the back of codes. Unlocking these will existing you with extra possibilities and paths that will assist you to assassinate your target. Worry now not as we have the codes proper right here to assist you with your murderous quest.

We’ll be updating this listing as and when we comprehend more, however here’s an ever-evolving listing of keypads in every Hitman three-level.

  • The group of workers vicinity can be located at the back of the giant staircase up to the atrium. Turn left after ascending them, and there’ll be a door on your right.
  • Inside Security Room, you’ll discover the evacuation keycard, permitting you to prompt the evacuation from the penthouse.
  • If you go upstairs to the visitor room, possibly simply after finishing the Bird Of Prey mission story and killing Carl Ingram, you can get into the Guest Bedroom from the penthouse terrace.






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