Roblox Ninja Legends Codes

Our Roblox Ninja Legends Codes has the most updated listing of working OP codes that you can redeem for coins, chi, and ninjitsu. This is a speedy and handy way to achieve up some forex which will have you leveling up faster and incomes extra improvements for your character.

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Ninja Legends Codes

  • chaosblade1000: Get Chi
  • omegasecrets5000: Get Chi
  • soulninja1000: Get Chi
  • ultrasecrets10k: Get Chi
  • secretcrystal1000: Get Chi
  • skymaster750: Get Chi
  • skyblades10K: Get Chi
  • darkelements2000: Get Chi
  • silentshadows1000: Get Chi
  • legends700m: Get Chi
  • roboninja15: Get 15 mins Auto Train
  • dragonlegend750: Get Chi
  • zenmaster500: Get Chi
  • epicelements500: Get Chi
  • elementmaster750: Get Chi
  • dojomasters500: Get Chi
  • autotrain15: Get 15 mins Auto Train
  • epictrain15: Get 15 mins Auto Train
  • skymaster750: Get Chi

Valid Codes

  • epicsensei500: Get 500 Chi
  • launch100: Get 100 coins
  • legendaryninja500: Get Chi
  • shadowninja500: Get Chi
  • epicflyingninja500: Get Chi
  • flyingninja500: Get Chi
  • epicninja250: Get Chi
  • blizzardninja500: Get Chi
  • mythicalninja500: Get Chi
  • legends200m: Get Chi
  • legends100m: Get Chi
  • dragonwarrior500: Get Chi
  • goldupdate500: Get Chi
  • goldninja500: Get Chi
  • legends500m: Get Chi
  • senseisanta500: Get Chi
  • christmasninja500: Get 500 gems
  • sparkninja20: Get 20 Souls
  • desertninja250: Get Chi
  • soulhunter5: Get 5 Souls
  • swiftblade300: Get Chi
  • masterninja750: Get Chi
  • fastninja100: Get Chi

How to Redeem Codes in Ninja Legends

It’s a very easy manner to redeem your codes in Ninja Legends. Looks to the facet of your display and discover the huge blue CODES button. Click on that and you will open up the following screen:

Click on the vicinity that says “Type Code Here” and enter the code. Once you’ve got bought it typed incorrectly, you may simply want to hit the Enter button and the code will redeem! You can discover some energetic codes by way of the listing below.

Click on the codes button, the blue button on the proper facet of the screen, simply under the Sell (green) button. Type the code (not case sensitive) and subsequently click on enter (green button) to redeem the code.

How to play Ninja Legends Code?

  • Train your abilities through swinging weapons and gaining Ninjitsu!
  • Use won Ninjitsu to make bigger your fitness & additionally damage
  • Sell your Ninjitsu for cash and improve your gadgets in the shop!
  • Unlock extra Double Jumps and discover Islands excessive above!
  • Buy epic pets to assist you to obtain stats faster!

Ninja Legends is a parker education simulator Roblox recreation made by means of Studios. In this game, gamers strive to grasp their parker abilities to end up the last ninja. Luckily, there are Ninja Legends 2 codes you can use to get some free cash to spend on gadgets for your ninja.

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